Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year's Resolutions-Moving the goal posts.

New year and another set of new resolutions, but just how many of us actually reach our goals? 

Setting goals, can be a positive goal in itself. Knowing that change is required, is the first step to determining a course of action to make something different. The mere fact that we want to make a change in our life, habits, behaviours, is a positive achievement. 

How can we get past the setting goals part, and ultimately reaching goals?

I came across a very interesting read on TED about 'The science of setting goals', and four tips written by Kelly McGonigal which you can read here.

When I set goals to achieve change, potential or growth in my life, I often move the goals posts. For example, I wanted to lose seven pounds in four weeks. Days before the end of the four weeks, I'd only managed to lose five pounds and I know I'm not going to reach my target of seven pounds. But I did achieve a weight loss of five pounds so I was 'achieving' my goal. Instead of giving up, I extended the four week mark to six weeks (moving the goal posts). Six weeks later I'd managed to loose a total of nine pounds.

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